ONE Planet ONE Chance® Polycarbonate Reusable Half Pint To Brim (10oz)

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  • Polycarbonate = unbreakable
  • Powerful eco message
  • Looks like glass
  • Conforms with outdoor event H&S
  • Available in large quantities

H122mm x Diam 64mm

Why not select our return dirty fee per item, so you can avoid having to clean & wash your items before returning, saving you time, effort & money. All you need to do is scrape plates, swill out glasses etc & return in the crates / boxes they arrived in.

The ONE Planet ONE Chance® polycarbonate reusable half pint to brim (10oz) is a straight sided ‘glass’ which is made in polycarbonate.  This means that although it is plastic, it is as close to real glass in terms of look and feel as you can get, and is unbreakable.  This plastic half pint, therefore, complies with outdoor H&S regulations and also provides a much better user experience for consuming drinks that the traditional single use disposable plastic cups.  Also, of course, there is the fact that because these cups are reusable, it also offers a more eco-friendly solution to stadiums, large event organisers and festival organisers, for example.  After all, polycarbonate is 100% reusable and 100% recyclable, with the materials of the cup at the end of its 500+ wash life cycle returning into the reusable cup manufacturing process.

Reusable event cups for large scale festivals & occasions

These reusable half pints are available in large quantities, and we hire them out in exactly the same way as everything else we offer.  For single day events, we would deliver and collect at the start and end of each day, and likewise for multi-day festivals and events.

The powerful ONE Planet ONE Chance® message helps to reinforce the green credentials of your event whilst the message on the back that reads ‘Reuse Me, Return Me’ encourages responsible green behaviour by visitors.

Powerful ONE Planet ONE Chance® brand

There is now no longer the need to have branded event cups which are often touted as being ‘reusable’ but the reality is that visitors take them home as souvenirs meaning that there is a cost to the event organizer, and they sit in the back of a cupboard before being thrown away a few years later, making them – effectively – expensive single use disposable cups.  These branded event cups have the generic message which makes them ideal for reusing but not attractive enough for people to want to put in their pocket and take home.

Our ONE Planet ONE Chance® reusable plastic half pint is just one of the reusable cups we have available here at Blue Sky Event Hire so why not take a few moments to browse our complete range and make your selection based on your festival or event requirements.  Hire reusable event cups today with the experts!

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ONE Planet ONE Chance® Polycarbonate Reusable Half Pint To Brim (10oz)ONE Planet ONE Chance® Polycarbonate Reusable Half Pint To Brim (10oz)
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