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Are you looking to hire equipment for your event?  We have one of the largest ranges in the North of England. From furniture hire and catering equipment hire through to refrigerated trailer hire, tableware and even reusable plastic cup hire for festivals – our event hire centre right here online at Blue Sky really is the place to be for all things event equipment hire related!

Whatever the event we have all the event equipment hire you need! Place an order from our online hire shop today.

Should I choose to buy or hire event furniture?

The question posed by many event professionals year in, year out is “should I buy or hire event furniture?”, and that’s certainly worth exploring more, not just for event furniture but also for catering equipment, tableware and other equipment for events.

Naturally, as a hire company you would expect us to say “yes, you need to definitely hire it all the time!” – and yes, the majority of the time we would suggest this but for good reason.

Firstly, temporary events are, by their very nature, short term events. Most large scale events take place on an annual basis – festivals, outdoor concerts, wine fairs and air shows are great examples of this. Many of these events need chairs, banqueting furniture, tableware and catering equipment, for instance, in large quantities, and this is where we come in. But let’s look at why you would hire instead of buy.

Hire furniture to avoid up large front costs

First and foremost – the cost. For the largest events, you are talking thousands of chairs and tables and so on. And yes, you might think “well, we can use these year after year” – and yes you could. However, first of all you’ve got to find tens or possibly hundreds of thousands of pounds up front to buy the furniture in the first place. Then, once you’ve used it the first year, you’ve then got to store it for another 12 months – have your got the space for this? If not, you’ll need to rent some storage space…and you’d be amazed at the huge amount of space chairs and tables take up, especially in large quantities!

Then there’s the question of condition. Furniture at temporary events will get scratched and damaged from time to time, so you need to ensure that you can maintain it and also build in a certain % of damage losses, coming straight off your bottom line! Yes – that’s another hidden cost. After all, you don’t want to be putting out poor quality furniture especially at high profile corporate hospitality events, for instance. The quality of your event furniture reflects on the brand you are supplying and poor quality simply won’t be tolerated.

Trends & fashions change in the event world

And then there’s the final issue of style. The events industry is a fast paced, modern industry where trends and styles evolve over time. Who is to say that the furniture you have just heavily invested in will be on-trend in 3 years’ time? This could be a costly mistake.

Event professionals in our region, therefore, turn to event hire specialists such as Blue Sky Event Hire as they realise that we are, well, the specialists – and to pass on these costs to us! Our hire centre is perfect for you!

Put your faith in Blue Sky Event Hire

As an event furniture hire company, we are constantly evolving our ranges to keep in line with the current market demands. We provide our furniture with loving care and attention in between hires to ensure that the quality is right, we store it through the year and only charge you for the precise numbers you order. There’s no guess work from your side – you simply order what you need from our hire centre, it arrives, you use it and then send it back…and then rest easy until next year.

And that’s not just the case for event furniture. Our range of catering equipment is constantly being updated as is our range of crockery, cutlery and glassware for modern events. Whatever you need to hire, you can do so here at Blue Sky Event Hire, safe in the knowledge that you are putting your faith in the hands of the experts. Choose from our hire centre today!

Whatever temporary event equipment you need to hire, contact our team who will be delighted to hear from you or simply place your secure order online via our hire centre – the choice is yours!

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