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Catering Equipment

Blue Sky Events is delighted to work with professional caterers across Yorkshire and the North of England, supplying the best catering equipment hire of the highest standard.  As a caterer, you want to be sure that your catering equipment will arrive with you in pristine condition and ready for instant use with no hassle, and that’s exactly what we aim to provide.  Our distribution centre is packed with hundreds of catering appliances and other catering equipment hire ready to be delivered to an event near you.

The complete range of catering equipment hire

But what does catering equipment hire mean to you?  Here at Blue Sky Event Hire it means everything from catering appliances through to general kitchen equipment and utensils and equipment for serving, displaying and presenting the fantastic food creations produced by your catering teams.

Our range of catering appliances is always in huge demand from professional caterers.  This might be to top up their existing range of catering equipment in a permanent catering kitchen, for instance, where they need extra capacity for catering for a larger party, or perhaps a restaurant catering team has been commissioned to do the outdoor catering for a wedding in a marquee.  Or it might be that a temporary event kitchen is needed behind the scenes at a festival or large outdoor concert, for instance, for all the contractors coming onto site.  Rest assured that for whatever reason you need to hire hot cupboards, burners and ovens, dishwashers or griddles, you can do here at Blue Sky Event Hire, safe in the knowledge that all our appliances have been fully tested and maintained in between hires – it won’t let you down! From full on-site temporary kitchens to barbeques for private events, whatever catering equipment hire you need we have the stock for you!

We offer both a range of electrical and gas catering appliances, so you can choose the best equipment for your specific venue.  We also provide LPG gas as a sale item to accompany your gas catering equipment.

All the catering hire you could possibly need!

Our range of catering equipment hire really is an Aladdin’s cave of equipment where pro caterers will be able to source what they need depending upon the menu that they are aiming for.  Also, bear in mind that we can deliver and collect catering equipment to and from your event venue with our affordable transport service within Yorkshire and the North of England – something that is particularly useful when dealing with bulky, heavy items such as powered catering appliances.

Why not spend a few minutes browsing our range online here at Blue Sky Events whether you need to hire catering appliances, utensils or simply equipment for serving food to your event banqueting tables.  Our pricing is based on a 3-day rate which is displayed online, and you can choose the quantities you need then simply place it into your picking list.  We will then provide you with a bespoke quotation based on your specific products, quantities, period of hire and event location.

Don’t hesitate to contact us here at Blue Sky Events – we very much look forward to working with you on your upcoming event or occasion.

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