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Catering Appliances

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From hot cupboards to heated display units and from bain maries to boiling units, our range of catering appliances hire online here at Blue Sky Event Hire is second to none in Yorkshire and across the north of England.

Catering appliances hire for pro caterers

When hiring catering equipment, hire the best. Made for the professional caterer, our range of appliances are reliable and robust because we test and service every appliance after each hire. Ultimately, you can be confident that our catering appliances will not let you down.

Professional caterers across the region are constantly drawing on the range of catering appliances hire from the team here at Blue Sky Event Hire as they know that when it arrives on site, it will be in great condition and working order.  The build up to large catering events is always stressful at the best of times and so you need to have confidence in the quality of your catering appliances in that they will work first time and that they are fit for use.  When choosing which catering equipment hire company to work with, you’ll also want confidence in the quality of service as well as the equipment – in other words, do they turn up when they say they are going to turn up?  Have they got the right catering equipment?  In the right quantities?  All these are factors that you should take into consideration when choosing your preferred hire company, as well as the price of course!

Gas & electric catering appliances for hire

We offer many of our catering appliances in both gas and electric versions so depending upon where your temporary event kitchen is, you can hire accordingly.  Choose from our range of hot cupboards, electric griddles and fryers, glasswashers, dishwashers, sous vides and many more appliances to provide your catering team with the very best equipment back of house, so they can create their magic!  And don’t forget that your team will also probably need fridges and freezers, the complete selection of which you can find in our separate refrigeration hire section here online at Blue Sky Event Hire.

Whatever your catering event, large or small, rest assured that you can hire the catering appliances you need online with us right here.  Simply browse our online selection and put into your picking list.  Then submit your enquiry, and we will contact you with a bespoke quotation.

Don’t hesitate in contacting the catering equipment hire specialist company in Yorkshire and the North of England today – we’ll be delighted to work with you on your upcoming event or occasion!

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