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Reusable Plastic Cups

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Our range of reusable plastic cups hire is ideal for large scale festivals, concerts, stadiums and outdoor events where large volumes of people need to be served in a safe manner.  Due to H&S reasons, normal glassware such as pints, half pints and hi-balls can’t be used and so typically, disposable cups have been the go-to solution.  However, we’re all now aware of the environmental problems that disposable plastics bring to the Earth and to our oceans, and our reusable plastic cups solve this problem easily, effectively and affordably.

Reusable plastic cups hire of all types

The reusable cups hire model works in exactly the same way as any other hire equipment here at Blue Sky Event Hire.  Simply choose your style, how many you need, for how long and for where, and we will provide you with a price per cup along with delivery and collection costs.  For multi-day festivals, we can also work with you to provide you with a cleaning service between event days, providing you with the complete reusable event cups solution for your large scale event.

Of course, the main reason as to why you would choose to use reusable plastic cups hire is predominantly due to the environmental impact as mentioned above as well as the H&S element.  Without doubt, there is also a great improvement in the user experience between reusable cups and disposable cups.  We’ve all drunk out of disposable plastic cups before – it’s the cups that are incredibly flimsy and so any sort of pressure applied to the sides of the glass means that spillage is inevitable!

Why choose reusable plastic cups for festivals?

Reusable cups are more robust than these, and our range here online at Blue Sky Event Hire is second to none.  Firstly, you’ll find our polypropylene STACK-CUP™ products.  Uniquely, these are plastic pints and half pints with handles, with each cup handle stacking into the next, enabling visitors to your event to be able to stack and carry multiple drinks away from the bar (comfortably up to 5 or 6 pints at a time, but more is possible!).  As a result, this means fewer visits to the bar for your guests – so less time wasted standing in a queue – and also higher profits for you as the event organiser.

You’ll also find reusable plastic eco cups in the form of our polycarbonate Elite range and our branded ONE Planet ONE Chance® pints and half pints.  Polycarbonate is perfect for reusable cups as it has the look and feel of glass but actually isn’t glass.  In other words, it is robust and transparent so provides a fabulous user experience when drinking from it – something that is important to the leading beer brands who are all about consistency of delivery, wherever the pint is poured.  For bar operators, therefore, these polycarbonate reusable pints and half pints are well worth consideration. The ONE Planet ONE Chance® reusable plastic pints and half pints help to reinforce the green credentials of your event with the Earth style logo on the front as well as the ‘Reuse Me, Return Me’ message on the back.  Whether you choose to use a refundable deposit scheme or a levy on ticket model for your scheme, we can certainly provide you with the behind-the-scenes service that you need to make your event a complete success.

Reusable cups for hire are the future

Importantly, many festival and event organisers are sometimes reluctant to buy into a reusable cup hire scheme for fear of the unknown and how it would work in reality.  Don’t worry – our experts here at Blue Sky Event Hire will be delighted to talk you through all the detail and will also be able to show you how you can turn your current disposable plastic cups negative costing, into a reusable cups cost-neutral scheme and – often – a profit generating scheme.

Hire reusable plastic cups online today with the experts at Blue Sky Event Hire.  We’ll be delighted to pass on all our expertise and knowledge to you to help you create stunning events, whilst working towards a greener, more sustainable future. Contact us today!

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