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In today’s blog, we take a look at equipment rental for large stadiums, fan zones and venues and what you can expect to find at industry-leaders in Yorkshire and the North of England at Blue Sky Event Hire.

There’s no doubt that there is plenty of equipment rental that is needed for large sporting events and occasions. This is mainly behind the scenes, in the hospitality areas. There’s a huge market for corporate and sponsors in hospitality, who invite their key clients and guests to a day out at the football, rugby or cricket. This usually involves a tour of the stadium, pre-match meal, and half-time hospitality.

These football, rugby and cricket clubs, if they host regular events, will often have their own equipment. However, if they have been chosen as the venue for an international football match or test cricket, for instance, then they will need additional volumes of equipment, whether this is crockery such as plates, bowls and dishes, cutlery such as knives and forks, or glassware such as wine glasses and Champagne flutes.

It might also be additional units of commercial catering equipment such as ovens, gas burners, microwaves and hot holding cupboards, for example. Or, it might be temporary seating in the form of outdoor patio chairs for press and media on the boundary ropes.

Equipment rental online with Blue Sky Event Hire

Equipment rental in Yorkshire, whatever it might be, is available from the team at Blue Sky Event Hire, where we aim to provide you with a seamless hire experience from start to finish. Event furniture hire Yorkshire and catering equipment hire are our specialities, and it’s worth nothing that we also operate further afield than Yorkshire, including the Lake District, Greater Manchester, the North East and the North of England.

Don’t hesitate to browse and place your secure order online 24/7 for equipment rental with the experts here at Blue Sky Event Hire – you won’t be disappointed!

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