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3 things to think about when starting to plan your wedding!

We all appreciate the look of a wedding is often the first thing that newly engaged couples start thinking of, and we admit, that’s what we would do to! Once you have your perfect wedding all dreamed up we have some next steps to help you plan your day, not the most glamorous but helpful to make wedding planning as stress free as possible!

  • Budget

  • Have you put in place a wedding budget?  – Planning a realistic budget is the ideal starting point for any good wedding planning, make sure you can afford what you are planning so you don’t have any nasty surprises compromising your big day.
  • Track your spending – Excel spreadsheets will become your best friend and life blood! Keep track of all the wedding spend in one place to make sure you’re not blowing your budget where you shouldn’t be.
  • Remember to compare and find out about your services, making sure you are paying for the best service possible and not just the cheapest. Sometimes service can be a little bit more expensive, but it is often very worthwhile, saving you stress and making sure things are reliable.


  • Marquee or Venue – have you decided as a couple where you want to get married? Can you see the benefit of a lovely venue wedding with all of the planning taken care of. Or are you keen to be more hands on/have more control of your special day and prefer an outdoor wedding?
  • If your looking for an outdoor wedding, its important to understand any costs and constraints of certain locations. You may have to consider whether you can get all your suppliers to a certain location in case it’s a bit tricky access. And its always good to consider how the great English weather can affect a location.

We have to say we LOVE outdoor weddings, there is nothing better then having a marquee just as you have dreamed of in a perfect location, completely bespoke to you and your partner.


  • What are the different suppliers you will need. – with the help of your trusty excel spreadsheet, plan your suppliers! How much do you want to do yourself and how much would be easier/better done by a pro. It is good to figure this out early, so you can get people booked in quickly to avoid disappointment and get the best prices possible.
  • Coordination – if you have chosen not to have a wedding planner, it’s always good to get a little help from your bridal team to help with the coordination of your suppliers. Make sure your suppliers know when they need to be there, what routes to take and any logistics limitations that may cause any hiccups.
  • Logistics – its not the most glamorous side of an outdoor wedding but its one of the most important. Make sure all your suppliers and your guests for that matter, have suitable access and a good back up plan for the pesky Weather. WITH GOOD PREP YOU CAN PLAN FOR ANYTHING!

Make sure your suppliers are reliable, flexible and you don’t over complicate things with too many. Make the planning of your special day as stress free as possible and use good professionals! (Like us!) or if you are ever needing a little guidance our team are always happy to suggest some of our trusted supplier friends from Caterers, Marquee and Tipi companies, to Venues and more.

Most of all enjoy planning your special day, if you are ever needing advice or want a quote just contact our team!

Contact the Blue Sky Team for Wedding planning and quotes.

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