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OK, so we’re in January, and many of us are experiencing a post-Christmas hangover. Too much turkey, wine and beer over the festive period means that ‘Dry-January’ is now very much a thing. What best party glassware hire you need for your next special occasion, is probably the furthest thing from your mind!

That said, even though the January evenings are dark and cold, we’ll soon be moving into Spring. Indeed, the longest day of the year was back on December 21st and so the evenings are now getting lighter again! Come on, let’s look at the positives…..!

Spring and summer will be soon be with us, and these warmer, brighter months bring with them an increase in the volume of events that take place across the UK and, in the case of Blue Sky Event Hire, in the areas that we service, these being Yorkshire, the North West, the North of England, Lake District, Peak District and further beyond. Weddings, corporate events, hospitality occasions both indoor and outdoor seem to spring from nowhere, and so it might be wise to starting thinking about your party glassware hire sooner rather than later.

Strong demand for party glassware hire in the Summer

If you are one of those people who leaves things until the last minute, however, then be prepared to be caught out. The COVID-19 pandemic has brought with it a lot of pent-up enthusiasm for attending events again. As a result, come the peak summer months, the chances are that if you’re looking to hire large amounts of event equipment, then you might be disappointed. OK, if your party glassware hire requirements are small, then this won’t affect you, but if you’re holding a larger event, then be warned!

The amount of choice when it comes to party glassware hire in today’s market is huge, with the complete range of products to suit all tastes, events and budgets. Some years ago, if you wanted to hire party glassware, then your choice would be limited, comprising only a few ranges of standard wine glasses, Champagne flutes and maybe some beer and cocktail glasses.

Today, however, whatever the type of glass you need, you can hire it. Whatever the colour of glass, you can hire it. And whatever the style of glass, you can hire it. Yes, some will be more expensive to hire than others, but if you’re happy to spend your budget, then there’s something for everyone, from standard, basic and affordable party glassware hire through to premium quality, luxury party glassware hire. There’s something for everyone!

Order with the party glassware rental experts Yorkshire

Here at Blue Sky Event Hire, we’re happy to be able to offer you a wide range of party glassware for hire. Whilst we don’t offer cheap glassware hire, we do offer a variety of affordable glassware rental ranges, along with our premium ranges which are very much in demand as they bring something different to your event…and it’s important to stand out, for all the right reasons!

We also offer a return dirty service, which is popular with our clients who either don’t have access to washing up facilities on site or who simply want to save themselves a job! Yes, there’s a small fee involved, but well worth it.

With all this in mind, don’t hesitate to browse our range of party glassware hire online today for wedding venues Yorkshire and other event venues across the region here at Blue Sky Event Hire and place your secure order 24/7. Put your faith in the glassware hire Yorkshire experts – you won’t be disappointed!

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