Tableware Hire

It’s vital that you get your tableware selection right for your wedding or event, so learn more with our tableware articles below.  From crockery and cutlery through to glassware to suit all tastes and budgets, we can help you with your next special event or occasion!

tableware hire

Tableware hire for summer weddings

22 November 2022

OK, so we’re currently in the middle of the dark, winter days and nights, and there’s plenty of gloom and doom around, in more ways than one. Therefore, it might take some imagination to think ahead to the warmer summer months, when lots of weddings take place in beautiful manor houses, marquees and tipis –…

gold tableware

Luxury gold tableware for weddings looks stunning

28 July 2022

It’s great that weddings are back after what seemed like a lifetime away during COVID. And they are certainly back with aplomb! Tableware is certainly important when you are organising your wedding, even though it might not rank highly on your priorities list. When we talk about tableware hire, we’re talking glassware, cutlery and crockery,…

luxury wedding tableware hire

Luxury wedding tableware hire provides a stunning finish

10 March 2022

We all like our wedding day to be perfect in every way, from the venue, to the dress, the car, the cake and the wedding reception. Usually, nothing is overlooked, and that is why the best weddings often take months – and sometimes, years – to plan. Attention to detail is all important! As part…

equipment rental

Equipment rental for large stadiums, fan zones & venues

9 March 2022

In today’s blog, we take a look at equipment rental for large stadiums, fan zones and venues and what you can expect to find at industry-leaders in Yorkshire and the North of England at Blue Sky Event Hire. There’s no doubt that there is plenty of equipment rental that is needed for large sporting events…

party glassware hire

Party glassware hire to suit all tastes & budgets

11 January 2022

OK, so we’re in January, and many of us are experiencing a post-Christmas hangover. Too much turkey, wine and beer over the festive period means that ‘Dry-January’ is now very much a thing. What best party glassware hire you need for your next special occasion, is probably the furthest thing from your mind! That said,…

luxury tableware hire

Luxury tableware hire for weddings and events

23 December 2021

Today, we’re looking at the popularity of luxury tableware hire for weddings and events. After a hell-ish 18 months, this year saw the return of weddings as we know them. Wedding venues were back to full strength at the height of the season, and sometimes it was difficult to keep pace with demand due to…

event equipment hire

Enjoy family celebrations with our event equipment hire

6 October 2021

Do YOU need event equipment hire?  We all love a good party, and apart from the big scale parties and events that take place each year, there are hundreds of thousands of small parties and family gatherings that take place. These often take place in the garden at home or even in a local village…

Tableware hire for weddings & events

Tableware hire for weddings & events

9 July 2020

In today’s blog here at Blue Sky Event Hire, we looking at tableware hire for weddings and events. As COVID lockdown measures start to be relaxed here in the UK, there seems to be some light at the end of the tunnel, though what the ‘new normal’ will look like remains to be seen.  In…

square crockery hire

Are you a square or a circle?…

27 April 2020

Are you a square or a circle? ➡️ Pick your tableware to match the elegance of your menu and make sure your food pops! We carry different ranges of #crockery #cutlery #glassware to add style to your dining table!  

glassware range hire

Our beautiful sublym glassware range standing pretty!…

24 April 2020

  Our beautiful sublym glassware range standing pretty! We carry many styles of glassware to suit any event and budget, make sure your guests are drinking from the best at your event!