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Do YOU need event equipment hire?  We all love a good party, and apart from the big scale parties and events that take place each year, there are hundreds of thousands of small parties and family gatherings that take place. These often take place in the garden at home or even in a local village hall or small hotel. After all, there’s not usually hundreds of guests involved – more so, close friends and family to celebrate a special birthday, wedding anniversary or other similar occasion.

And the fact that you’re celebrating with your friends and family no doubt makes the party even more special. Also, how great is it to enjoy the company of your friends and family again after the pandemic? We all deserve a good party!

So, let’s take the example of a family party at home for a wedding anniversary, for instance – what event equipment hire might you need?

Equipment hire for all events

First, the event equipment hire you need for your party will be very much dependent upon the time of year when you are holding it. If it’s the winter, then you’ll need to be indoors. If it’s the summer, then this opens up a whole host of other options, especially if you’ve got a nice garden. Summer events, if you are blessed with good weather, mean that you can enjoy the sunshine during the day and the lazy evening sunset, whilst the temperature still being warm until late on.

For a party in the garden at home, you firstly need to consider the seating arrangements, as you can’t expect everyone to be standing up for hours on end. Most people, if they have a garden, will already have some garden furniture such as patio tables and chairs and maybe even a picnic bench, but probably not enough to accommodate larger numbers of guests.

With this in mind, take a look around and hire patio furniture in the quantities you need. Blue Sky Event Hire, for instance, has a huge range of garden and patio furniture to hire such as plastic tables and chairs, hardwood furniture sets and other outdoor furniture for hire, at a range of different prices, to suit all tastes and budgets.

We’ve included tables in the above being as the chances are that your garden party will include some sort of catering, whether this is a buffet or even a BBQ. Your guests will need somewhere to sit and enjoy the delicious food you are serving!

If you’re super-lucky with the weather, then you might need to hire parasols and patio umbrellas, for example. Most garden tables will come with a hole in the table centre to accommodate a parasol – after all, the UK does occasionally get hot days!

So, as well as the patio furniture, parasols, and BBQ, what else might you need? Well, when the sun goes down, you want to make sure that the party doesn’t come to an abrupt end and so why not hire patio heaters for your garden. These are freestanding units which run off a bottle of patio gas which is inserted into the base of the garden heater.

To give you an idea, one patio heater, running at full temperature, will consume one 11kg cylinder of patio gas in around 5-6 hours, and it gives you around 3 metres spread of heat. Just work out what you need, and how many patio heaters you need to hire, and hire from Blue Sky Event Hire accordingly!

Yorkshire event equipment hire from Blue Sky

After the past 18 months we’ve all endured, it’s about time we had a good party, and when that time comes for you, don’t hesitate to check out the furniture hire Yorkshire range here at Blue Sky Event Hire. Our team work tirelessly behind the scenes to provide you with a seamless hire experience when it comes to event equipment hire from start to finish. Browse and hire securely online 24/7 with the experts – you won’t be disappointed!

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