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Benches are a great solution for events where a seating option other than traditional chairs is required, and benches are certainly available in a wide range of options here online at Blue Sky Event Hire, catering for every need.

Bench hire for indoor & outdoor catering areas

And that’s where we start – with catering areas at outdoor events such as festivals and concerts, and even indoor catering areas at large scale exhibitions, for example, for which you can hire picnic benches.  Able to seat up to six people at a time, we offer both folding picnic benches as well as the more traditional solid wood picnic benches, so let’s get creative!

Exhibition bench hire in large quantities

And talking of exhibitions, what better way to furnish your seminar or demonstration areas within your venue than by using our seminar benches.  These wooden benches are available in large quantities and you can even choose your seat pad colour from our available range!

At the same time, we also offer outdoor benches including our folding forms at great prices as well as traditional garden benches which are often seen at equestrian events, sports events and many others.

Whatever you need when it comes to bench hire and other furniture hire for events, you can rest assured that the team here at Blue Sky Event Hire has everything covered.  We service Yorkshire, Greater Manchester, Lancashire, the Lake District, Peak District and the north of England as a whole, providing a seamless hire experience and helping you to create events and occasions that will live long in the memory.  You can either browse and place your secure order online 24/7 or, if you prefer, you can always call our expert sales team who will be delighted to assist you with your specific requirements – either way, we very much look forward to working with you soon!

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