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Display Showcases

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Display showcases are often found at trade shows and exhibitions where companies want to show off their goods and services, and what better way to do this than in illuminated, lockable glass display cabinets.

Best range of display showcases in the North!

You might think that all the cabinets need to be at eye-level and, to a certain extent, you’d be right.  However, the market is well developed when it comes to exhibition glass cabinets and so you’ll find a range of different shapes, sizes and colours of cabinets to suit all specific requirements.

With exhibition stands taking on many shapes and designs, one of the most popular of all showcase options is the low showcase.  This is a counter height showcase and so effectively enables exhibitors to have both a counter and a showcase at the same time, to define the shape of their exhibition stand.  What better way to entice visitors to your exhibition stand than with your products lit up and displayed at their best.  Of particular interest is our jewellery showcase which is perfect for jewellery and watches where customers can look into the cabinet from above, and these also have LED strip lights instead of individual LED lights, to heighten the beauty of the jewellery and watches within.

Huge range of display showcases for hire

Also worth consideration are our freestanding tallboy showcases and tall centre showcases.  The tall centre showcases are the same height as tallboys but twice the width, providing an even better option for displaying products.  All of these again are lockable and LED lit.  These are available in either all glass or glass with a cabinet at the base which offers additional secure storage.

Whatever your exhibition glass showcase rental needs, don’t hesitate to browse our range online of showcases and other furniture hire online here at Blue Sky Event Hire and make the best selection for you and your upcoming exhibition or trade show.  Rest assured that when you order with Blue Sky, you are putting your faith in the hands of the experts so simply order online 24/7 or call a member of our expert sales team who will be delighted to assist you.  Either way, we very much look forward to working with you on your upcoming event or exhibition!

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