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Glassware hire is an important element of any event professional’s list – do it well and it will be noticed for all the right reasons.  Do it badly and again it will be noticed…but not how you want it to be!

Glassware hire has to be right!

The reason glassware is so important is because it’s so easy to tell when the product isn’t of the best quality or condition.  People see glassware up close when they are drinking out of it so there is no room for error when it comes to quality or condition – something that we always have at the forefront of our minds when hiring event glassware here at Blue Sky Event Hire.

As with our all our other tableware items, our glassware is machine washed, thoroughly checked and reliably counted in between hires to ensure that our clients receive the very best glassware, right first time.  You want it to arrive, table ready for instant use, enabling you to concentrate on other areas of your event to make it the best it can possibly be.  When choosing glassware hire from Blue Sky Event Hire, you can be confident that your order is in the hands of the experts across Yorkshire and the North of England!

Our range of glassware hire caters for all event types from weddings, corporate event hospitality and many more occasions, providing you with the complete selection of white wine glasses, red wine glasses and champagne flutes which are typically matching sets for event dining tables.  That said, our range is much more than this, offering speciality glassware for hire such as shot glasses, beer glasses and even cocktail glasses to cater for every event!

Hire wine glasses & champagne flutes

Our ranges of wine and champagne glasses for hire are positioned at a variety of price points, so you can choose from standard glassware through to more luxury and fine dining event glassware.  For beautiful glassware, check out our gold and silver rimmed glassware which is ideal for top quality events and fine dining occasions, and well worth the small additional investment.  Match these up with gold cutlery and the best stainless steel cutlery from our cutlery hire range here online as well as glass beaded charger plates for instance.  Our range also includes decanters, water jugs and much more to complete the selection.

Before you return the glassware to us, please simply swill out the glasses and put them in the crates that they arrived in.  We will take care of the washing of the glasses when they arrive back with us at no additional charge to you.

Whatever your event, you can hire event glassware today with Blue Sky Event Hire.  Simply make your selection from your range, put into your picking list and then submit your enquiry.  We will then contact you with a bespoke quotation based on your specific event requirements.

Contact our expert team today who will be delighted to assist you in whatever way they can!

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